Monday, October 13, 2003

How to be like Mr. Food

Picture of Mr. Food - OOH it's so good
Synopsis of every Mr. Food segment:
  • Remind us that we are short on time and that we like 'comfort food'.
  • After noting that we can use any brands at all, rush through a recipe that is nothing we couldn't find in the back of a women's magazine or soup can inner label.
  • Pull out a finished version of the meal, and recap the short on time point.
  • (if it is cold outside, mention that this recipe is 'hearty')
  • Blurt out an insipid closing line that uses the phrase 'Ooh, it's so good' in a grammatically incorrect way.

Now you're a TV cooking expert!

Isn't it time for WLFI to find something new for the morning news?

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