Friday, December 26, 2003

Wabash Landing Stinks!

Picture of Wabash Landing WalkwayTook the family to the award winning Wabash Landing in West Lafayette today.

It's a great place, with a theatre, hotel, pub, coffee shop, bread store, apartments, and other shops and restaurants. Across the street in River Market is my favorite Chinese place (Happy China - it just sounds fun) and the best ice cream in town at the Silver Dipper. Our favorite store is Borders. We don't buy a lot, but we browse there weekly.

Picture of Wabash Landing 9 TheatreWe like to park in the garage so we don't have to make the slow march through the very small parking lot where there is never a free spot anyway. Not many others do, and I think it is because of the horrible odor in the skywalk connecting the garage to the main walkway. There is a strong urine smell in the wheelchair ramp, and while I haven't seen it happen, I'm guessing that someone is urinating there. (Who does that? The Homeless? The Mentally Ill? The Incontinent? Steve-O?) I'm sure the city knows about it, but they haven't done much.

What can they do? First, they need to clean it up. Get rid of that smell before it becomes permanent.

What's next? Do they lock it at night? Provide public restrooms? Increase police patrols? Something else? (These guys have it figured out.) Whatever they choose, it needs to happen soon. I would think that the businesses in the Landing would be complaining to the management about it daily.

(It is amazing what you can find when you enter "Public Urination" in Google.)

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