Wednesday, January 28, 2004

How Does Google Work?

I never know where my stuff will appear in a search engine. I noticed in my referral logs that I had been found by searches in Google and others for "Wabash Landing" (Probably based on my recent ravings about the smell. By the way, it's a little better. It now has an odor that is a combination of urine and bacterial hand soap. Baby steps. Baby steps.) Anyway, I was the first response returned in Google for that term last week. This week, I'm the 8th link on page five. What's different? The other sites now ahead of me haven't been changed recently.

So, I thought I should link to it again in case the number of links to a place is important.

Wabash Landing
Wabash Landing
Wabash Landing

OK, so as I compiled that short list of Wabash Landing links, I noticed that some of the pages I linked to in the earlier post are now towards the top of the search results. Maybe I'm actually helping them. Why do I care??!!?? I need a real hobby!!

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