Saturday, January 10, 2004

Such a Geek

I'm such a geek! I've been playing with a Linux server here in the Tippecanoe basement, and today I installed a webmail program called SquirrelMail. (It's "Webmail for Nuts".) The cool thing is that it is all written in PHP, so there is no program per se, just scripts invoked from web pages. A big step from the COBOL programs I used to code.

I already had IMAP and fetchmail working so the server would grab my mail from all of my POP3 accounts that I could then view from any machine in the house. Now, I'm thinking about opening port 80 to the 'Net so that I can webmail from work and other places. However, I'm a little worried about getting hacked. I've read the security warnings and applied the latest patches (except for the Linux kernel thing that came out a couple of weeks ago), but I'm not confident that it's enough. The server is not configured with Samba, so I'm not too worried about someone taking over the server and getting to my Windows machines. I'll probably do more research before actually opening the firewall.

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