Monday, March 22, 2004

Why I Don't Like the American Idol Singers

Picture of Clay and ReubenIt's not that I don't like them - I think they are incomplete

To me, there are two things to a great musical performance: an interesting or groundbreaking composition/arrangement, and an inspired performance.

The songs that the contestants sing are all standards. They may have been new and different at one time, but all have been done to death. It's like watching a karaoke performance. The songs they've done post AI (at least those that I've heard) are written to follow the most basic of patterns and fashions. It's not songwriting; it's building a commodity product from well established and tested parts. "If I was invisible...", even after ignoring the grammar problems, was obviously penned by a modern day Tin Pan Alley hack. I'm not saying that every singer should write their own material, but they could at least find something interesting to perform.

Picture of Kelly and JustingAs for the performance, there is no doubt that all of the finalists are great singers. Even if some may seem like they are copying a famous singer (such as Maria Carey), I'm sure they could develop their own style in time. However, the musical arrangements are horrible! Obviously, studio musicians (Randy Jackson, for example) were brought in to play these stereotypical arrangments without any sort of individuality or creativity. Then, the PR machine kicks in to make a one hit wonder.

So, at best, they score half a point out of two. What a waste of time and talent.

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