Thursday, May 27, 2004

Mitch is Worried

Picture of Mitch Daniels with Joan Garrett

In a recent commercial, Mitch Daniels (candidate for governor of Indiana) tells how he is worried about the State government purchasing goods and services from out-of-state companies. He would prefer that we utilize local businesses - which would keep or even create jobs in the State. It's obvious that purchasing Indiana made goods would help Indiana employees, but I don't think it is that simple.

His example describes how State Universities are purchasing dorm furniture from Massachusetts. Let's think about how this could be changed so that an Indiana company supplies the furniture.

Perhaps a better way to help would be to use economic development funds to help the Indiana company lower its costs and help it to submit the low bid without falsing maniupulating the process. We expect conservatives to let capitalism operate freely - let's do that here.

The worst part about this message is that My Man is pandering to the citizens of Indiana. Like most of what I have seen from him, he is spouting "common sense" rhetoric without offering any sort of real solutions.

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