Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I Don't Have to Post, Do I? - The Story of a Lurker

I read a lot more than I post. I'm just not the writer type, and I can't express myself in flowing, funny, interesting prose like Chucklehut can. Boz does a great job of gathering together whatever thoughts are jumping through his sleep deprived brain, and Raymi has found a way to turn stream-of-consciousness crap into a highly viewed site. (In both cases, pictures of near naked women help a little)

Hemingway at Desk
Tony says not to apologize, but Nancy does whenever she skips a day or two. Some of these fine folks post several times a day, but I'm lucky to come up with something once a month. Although, in my defense, I have family duties, a high stress, high responsibility type job, and hobbies I try to indulge once and a while. Jeff is worried that his writer's block is a sign of depression (maybe it is - I don't know), but I hope he's not feeling an unnecessary requirement to write to us.

Myself, I don't feel that guilty about it. I've been sitting here trying to figure out why I have a blog at all, and I think the main reason is that others seem to have so much fun doint it, and I'd like to experience that. I has to be cool to be able to share one's life in such an interesting way. When Rik was having troubles with his wife, he kept me riveted with stories of Peg Leg and the Mother-in-law. Now that he is in a loving relationship, the blog has stopped. Maybe I need some big problems in my life to make for interesting reading, although Lisa seems pretty happy (and slightly bored).

I could never divulge personal details about my life, anyway. I hear a lot of gossip about other people - at work, in my family, in the neighborhood - but I don't spread it too much. It seems to me that if I want to be "in the loop", I need to keep my secrets. If my sources didn't trust me, they wouldn't share anything.

Oh, well! I'll write something when inspired, and not worry about it when I don't.

(If you actually care to ready my occasional ramblings, use the RSS feed to notify you.)

Hang in there, Jeff, and only write if you want to.

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