Monday, August 30, 2004

Suspicious Timing

The Republicans are good campaigners.

This past weekend, President Bush suggested that the campaigns should focus on the present, not the Vietnam war. This is after he has received much mileage from the 'Swift Boat' boys that have questioned Senator Kerry's war record and eligibility for medals. Why didn't he stop this at the outset?

Even bigger is the announcement by the VP that he does not approve of the attempts to ammend the Constitution to ban gay marriage (presumably since he has a gay daughter). Instead, he feels each state should decide. (It's a safe issue either way, since a Constitutional amendment would never fly.) My question is: where was he six months to a year ago when the issue first blew up?

I think that in both cases, the GOP campaign is trying cover both sides of the issues. Conservatives are kept in the fold while the issues heat up, and the undecides are lured in by the apparent turn around.

I'm worried that too many voters will be fooled by this ploy.

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