Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Mitch Misses the Point

Mitch Daniels is using a very interesting campaign strategy. He comes across as a simpleton that has no idea how politics works, asking us to believe that his down home, common sense approach is appropriate for State government. However, it is tough to believe when we look at his history, both in industry and the Federal government. Even if you think he did a pretty poor job as White House Budget Director, it's hard to believe that he didn't catch on to the political way in D.C. So, when we see the Sheriff Andy Taylor routine in his commercials he is either putting on an act, or is really that stupid. Either way, I don't want him in charge.

His latest TV commercial is a response to allegations that he acted inappropriately when approving the sale of IPALCO when on the board. He's sorry that those who could not sell stock because it was locked up in a 401K couldn't realize the profits that he and other executives received. At the end, he says that even someone like him who has never run for office before can see that it shouldn't be about questioning a candidate's character.

Wrong, Mitch. It's ALL ABOUT CHARACTER!!!! How can we trust you to act in the best interests of the residents of the State of Indiana after you showed so little concern for the employees of IPALCO?

where did you find that picture? that's so awesome.
I'm stealing bandwidth from Mitch's site. He's got a lot of interesting campaign shots.
awesome. i almost want mitch to win so he'll do a third season of 'RV1'.
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