Wednesday, October 27, 2004


My recent trip took me to a 'Battleground State'. Since Indiana is firmly in the President's grasp, there is no need for either candidate to campaign here. In fact, the only reason that Bush and Cheney came to the Hoosier state was to raise money.

Picture of a WolfI had never seen the presidential campaign commercials before. Just like we see the governor and state representative race commercials almost constantly, the residents of my destination state see the presidential commercials several times in each break. They were almost all of the negative variety, including the now famous Wolf spot. I got tired of them very quickly.

Picture of Jon Bon JoviWhat I thought was neat was that the President's visits were quietly covered in the news, while Kerry's appearance with Jon Bon Jovi and upcoming concert with the Foo Fighters were excitedly reported.

If Kerry is getting this kind of coverage in all of the close states, he could have a chance.

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