Tuesday, October 19, 2004

There May Be Hope

There are two propositions on ballots in other states that I'm watching closely. Proposition 62 in California seeks to abandon the party centric primary system. Instead, all candidates would compete in a single race, with the top two advancing to the general election. (Doesn't Louisiana already have something like this?) Meanwhile, in Colorado, a measure outlines a plan to assign electoral votes based on the percentage of votes a Presidential candidate receives, rather than assign the whole lot to the winner. This is a first step towards abolishing the Electoral College all together.

I have to think that if these pass, that other states will pick up the ball and attempt the same. The Colorado proposition especially could gain popularity in almost every state - at least with the voters. Party officials are against both, mostly because it upsets the status quo.

It may be a while before ideas like this are raised in Indiana, but I'm ready to support both.

I think these are very interesting ideas, but don't know how widespread they might be. Wish I knew how long Nebraska has had its allocation system in place, as I think it's really neat. If implemented, it coyuld really shake things up and - gasp! - mioght get candidates to visit places they usually avoid, like Indiana.

BTW, thanks for the link! :-) You should post more often.
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