Friday, October 15, 2004

What I Learned This Week

Lee does WILF, or What I Learned Friday, each week. This blantant copy of his post will give me a chance to write about work and home without identifying anyone or giving myself up. (Why am I so worried about that? I don't know.)
  1. Every office has someone who is not a team player
  2. That person doesn't know that he/she is thought of as non-cooperative.
  3. My office has one of these
  4. I hope its not me.
  5. It took my over 2 hours to clean my desk today.
This is tougher than I thought. I should probably think about it all week, keep notes, and then compile them for a killer post.

desks can be cleaned?
It was the model of how a clean desk should look. Every paper file away. Pencils in the cup. Business cards in the little holder. A brochure discussing the building on the desk.

By 9:15 this morning, it was back to its 'trash transfer station' look.
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