Sunday, April 17, 2005

How Long Should It Spin?

I put some clothes in the washer around 4:00 yesterday. At 8:30, I went down to move it to the dryer, and it was still washing! [washerwoman]Apparently, the mechanism that turns the knob from step to step as it times things is broken. The washer will still do all of the different things it is supposed to do; it just doesn't know when to stop.

So, to wash a load, I have to guess how long each cycle should be, and manually turn the knob. It's as if I've been chained in the laundry room all evening. I don't even know what the timing is, so I've probably been letting everything go too long. I'm probably either going to have either very clean or totally abused clothes.

It's going to be Tuesday or Wednesday before I can get a repair guy in here. In the meantime, laundry is going to be fun.

(laughter) Great post and a terrific illustration.

Mr "regular" takes about 12 minutes to wash, 5 minutes to rinse, plus another five to drain and refill, if that's any help.
I am looking forward to your posts.
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