Saturday, April 23, 2005

That's a Lot of Quarters

[State Quarters]I did 12 loads of laundry at the Levee Laundry and Tan this morning. (This website is the #1 site returned in a search for Levee Laundry and Tan in Yahoo.)

I know, we should get the washer fixed. My wife called for an estimate, and it came in at around $200. She was going to schedule the visit, but I wanted to clean the basement and laundry room first (it's been a while). However, we lost one of our dogs on Monday, and brought home a new puppy on Thursday. Things have been a little busy. I'll get to it tomorrow.

Does that mean you like the Levee Laundry that much, or you just happen to be the only one who blogs about it?
One would think that the Levee Laundry and Tan would be a popular blog subject - especially with the plasitc illuminated palm trees in the front.
I used to love the levee tan too until I went there and had three bulbs out on my bed. I told the attendent and he said he'd fix it... The next time I went in I asked about a replacement for the last one and they left a note for management. Then the following time I came in, I paid for my tan and had four bulbs out and to top that, two of the bulbs were only 140 watt instead of the advertised 160 watt that I paid for. When my tan was finished I went to the counter and told them about this tan as well as the last time I didn't get what I paid for. The guy told me that they gave me a free tan (that I used today) and that he would check the bulbs in the bed I just got out of. Hmm... I have a reciept for the tan and it wasn't free. I used buy tans there and always be surprised at how much money I spent, but now I will spend my money where I can actually get what is advertised and pay for. Any ideas where I should go?
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