Saturday, August 27, 2005

Now, the Left Side

I often have meetings in these small, dank rooms in the basement of a large, dank building. Each can only seat 3 or 4 comfortably, but there are those that keep trying to stuff 6 or 7 around the table.

Yesterday, I was part of a group of four in room G-2. The conversation was going well, and things were getting done (or at least, we talked about doing them). There was a point, however, when two of the participants started scratching their right side - halfway between the armpit and belt line. This went on for over 30 seconds as we talked. I was totally captivated by the amazingly coincidental nature of the event, so much so that I totally lost the conversation.

Then, as suddenly as they had started, they simultaneously stopped. My attention snapped backed to the subject at hand.

they were mirroring scratching? now that's just odd.
Yeah, it was spooky.
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