Friday, October 28, 2005

How to Tick Off Your Wife

My wife and I attended a club meeting the other day, and she came out with a magnetic car ribbon supporting the cause of the group. I said "Did you buy that?"

I should mention that I don't care much for the ribbons, mainly because of the 'Support Our Troops' variety. I have no problem supporting soldiers, but they also convey a whole range of emotions and opinion with which I don't agree. The President isn't infallible, we shouldn't be in Iraq, and we shouldn't stay just because we don't want to cheapen the lives already lost.

Anyway, she said "Yes", and I started singing the banjo song from Deliverance.

It was a quiet ride home.


Great response.

I refuse to buy a magnet ribbon for exactly the reasons you cite. Occasionally I daydream about swapping around magnets in a parking lot to see if anyone notices...

I loathe the ribbon movement. I would blog about it everyday if it wouldn't lead others to think that I am obsessed
Swapping ribbons - what a great idea!! I thought about doing that once myself, but I don't have the nerve to try it.
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