Monday, January 09, 2006

No Answer

[Skype Logo]I set up the Skype software on my PC last month, and ‎bought a new USB headset to use with it. (The pictured user on the headset box didn’t seem to ‎be nearly as satisfied as the microphone model.) Here’s the problem: I have no one to talk to!‎

Isn’t that sad? I’m not trying to be needy; I mostly want to try out my latest toy. I thought I should ‎talk to friends and relatives about using Skype instead of the telephone, but I’m realizing that I ‎don’t use the phone very often. It rings quite a bit, but the call is never for me.‎

So far, my contact list consists of three people. My neighbor is the one that told me about it, so I ‎added him. We’ve only had one call while I tested the previously mentioned microphone. I ‎bugged my son to install it so that I could test from work, but he never runs it. The only contact ‎I’ve ever seen online is the Skype Test Call. She is always there for me, although the ‎conversation is always short.‎

I need to find software that will help automate something I actually do. Let’s see – web surfing, ‎TV watching, napping. How would a virtual nap work?‎

"Virtual nap" just doesn't sound very restful.

Speaking of which... (yawn)
i guess it's time i got on the skype bandwagon, huh?
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