Thursday, September 28, 2006

Macho Man

Did you ever notice the conversation barrier that exists between clerks and customers?

I don't mean the bullet proof glass box that one finds in that gas station near the freeway exit in the 'bad' part of town, but the invisible, intangible partition that lets us continue our conversations as if that poor girl wearing the red smock and a 'Hi, my name is COLLEEN' pin doesn't exist. Although, she is allowed to report the total in-between our sentences, and we take a break to respond "thanks" to her "have a nice day".

I learned yesterday that it works both ways. I was in the Speedway buying root beer and a Nutrageous candy bar, and there were two ladies behind the counter. The first scanned my merchandise as the second walked up and said, "... and it's been in there all day!"

My cashier responded, "What is it?"

"Macho Man," number two answered.

I said "You're welcome" and turned to leave. I was across the parking lot near the bus stop before I figured out that she had that Village People hit running in her brain.

I hummed it the rest of the day.

Very true.

P.S. Now I'll have "Macho Man" in my head all day...
As a former cashier and a current customer, I am totally aware of this whenever I go shopping.
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