Friday, December 15, 2006

Fun at Burger King

When I visit Burger King, I usually use the drive-thru, and I always order the sausage, egg, and cheese Croissanwich. And every time, the voice answers back "a sausage croissant?" After a couple of times, I quit answering "Yes" and just continued with my order.

This last time, I was taking my daughter out for breakfast so we dined in. I asked the loser kid (you know that a 20 something working at BK at 8:30 AM on a weekday isn't a college student - it's his career) behind the counter for my usual. Instead of the expected response, he said "You know it's actually a croissant."

I looked at him for a second, and then I went off. "Oh my god! Did you just correct me? Did you just correct a customer? Don't you think I can read the menu? What does it say? Turn around and look! It says CROISSANWICH, not croissant! Some suit at corporate spent a lot of time and money coming up with that name, and 20 lawyers worked to copyright it, and you are correcting me? It's just a croissant? If I want a Whopper, do I just order a fucking bun? Manager! Can I get the manager here? Get this zit covered kid away from me and my food, and get me a god damn croissanwich!"

Well, that's what I wanted to say. But, because my daughter was with me (and to avoid the inevitable spit in the food), I just said "Oh, the sign says croissanwich. You may want to correct it", and I went on with the order.

Truly the response of a mature adult. (Sorry.)
In my head, I can be as juvenile as I wish.
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