Sunday, July 31, 2005

Vocabulary Corner

And now, another installment of "Vocabulary Corner", where I take I word that I have heard in conversation or seen in print, but have never really known what it means.

Today's word is...

  1. Out of or being beyond the normal course of nature; differing from the natural.
  2. Surpassing the normal or usual; extraordinary.
  3. Transcending the natural or material order; supernatural.

From Latin praeter naturam, beyond nature

Our last word was ginormous.

"braxy" means dead sheep.

Now you know! :-)
I realize this is the wrong place to comment, but I noticed that your Dec 2003 archive has a link to my website in it, and I wanted to say thanks! :)

-- Carolyn,

You're welcome. Yours was a nice article about the postivie aspects of the Landing.

I'm sorry that your link was included in a rant about public urination. (And apparently, my complaints have not made it to those that can do something about the smell, because it is still there!)
Eh, it's not like they're buying ads from me, so feel free to rant all you want ;)

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